Package de.mnl.osgi.bnd.maven

Some classes that may be helpful for any repository provider implementation that uses (backing) maven repositories.

This package mixes classes from bnd's maven repository libraries with the standard maven libraries, which is far from an ideal situation. However, the bnd MavenBackingRepository class provides an easy access to remote repositories. The standard maven repository provider is much harder to use and pulls in a ridiculous number of dependencies. In addition, the bnd classes Program and Archive add some type safety not provided by the maven libraries (though the latter is a misnomer, because an Archive can also represent a POM).

However, the evaluation of the information in the POM by bnd isn't perfect and therefore done using the maven libraries, which results in the afore mentioned mixture. The goal for further development of this package is to depend less on bnd's classes and use maven standard libraries whereever possible.