Class NexusSearchOsgiRepository

    • Constructor Detail

      • NexusSearchOsgiRepository

        public NexusSearchOsgiRepository​(String name,
                                         URL server,
                                         File localRepo,
                                         File obrIndexFile,
                                         File mvnResposFile,
                                         String queryString,
                                         int searchBreadth,
                                         int chunkSize,
                                         aQute.service.reporter.Reporter reporter,
                                         aQute.bnd.http.HttpClient client)
                                  throws Exception
        Create a new instance that uses the provided information/resources to perform its work.
        name - the name
        server - the url of the Nexus server
        localRepo - the local Maven repository (cache)
        obrIndexFile - the persistent representation of this repository's content
        mvnResposFile - the mvn respos file
        queryString - the query string
        searchBreadth - the search breadth
        chunkSize - the chunk size
        reporter - a reporter for reporting the progress
        client - an HTTP client for obtaining information from the Nexus server
        Exception - if a problem occurs
    • Method Detail

      • mavenRepository

        public aQute.maven.api.IMavenRepo mavenRepository()
                                                   throws Exception
        Return the Maven repository object used to back this repository.
        the maven repository
        Exception - if a problem occurs