Package org.slf4j.impl

This package provides a binding of the SLF4J to OSGi logging. The implementation uses the same core code as the Logging Facade for OSGi (LF4OSGi). It's just another type of logger that acts as facade for the OSGi logger.

Simply install this bundle in addition to de.mnl.osgi.lf4j and you can use the SLF4J LoggerFactory as you're used to. As this implementation shares everything "behind the facade" with LF4OSGi, it also shares its configuration options.

If you want to use automatic resolution of bundles, make sure to exclude any other providers of the org.slf4j.impl. E.g.:

 # - SLF4J 1.8 is still alpha and backward compatibility is unclear
 # - Make sure that the import "org.slf4j.impl;version=1.6.0" is only 
 #   satisfied by de.mnl.osgi.slf4j2osgi.
 -runblacklist: \
     ... (more implementation bundles in your repositories)