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Welcome to JGrapes

JGrapes is an event driven component framework written in Java. It includes support for asynchronous I/O and provides some complex components such as an HTTP server and a web console. It was inspired by the “circuits framework” written for Python.

JGrapes makes full use of the Java 11 SE environment. The core framework has no dependencies on additional libraries. The component libraries extending the core have as few dependencies as possible.

The documentation of the framework and its components can be found in the JavaDoc. Make sure to check the package descriptions. They tend to be overlooked because they come after the sometimes rather lengthy list of packages or classes (though the standard layout does put a link to the description at the top of the page). To get started, read the framework’s architectural description on the overview page. This provides an introduction to the concepts, the main classes and links to the details.

A Web Console built on top of the JGrapes framework is described on a page of its own.

All jars have the required information in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF to use them as (library) bundles in an OSGi environment, without introducing a dependency on this environment. Built on top of these libraries, there are some components that fully integrate with OSGi (often just adapters for the basic components). Because they are built in an independant workspace, they have their own Javadoc.