Class ConletResourceRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:
Future<ResourceResult>, Associator, Eligible

An event that signals the request of a resource by the web console (browser).

Resource request from the browser for a web console component resource are usually generated during console boot. See the description of AddConletType for details.

  • Constructor Details

    • ConletResourceRequest

      public ConletResourceRequest(String conletType, URI resourceUri, Instant ifModifiedSince, org.jdrupes.httpcodec.protocols.http.HttpRequest httpRequest, IOSubchannel httpChannel, Session session, RenderSupport renderSupport)
      Creates a new request.
      conletType - the web console component type
      resourceUri - the requested resource
      httpRequest - the original HTTP request
      httpChannel - the channel that the HTTP request was received on
      renderSupport - the render support
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