Class RenderConletRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:
Future<Boolean>, Associator, Eligible

Sent to the web console (server) if an existing web console component instance should be updated.

The web console server usually responds with a RenderConlet event that has as payload the HTML that displays the web console component on the web console page.

Event Sequence

The event’s result must be set to true by the rendering web console component.

  • Constructor Details

    • RenderConletRequest

      public RenderConletRequest(RenderSupport renderSupport, String conletId, Set<Conlet.RenderMode> renderModes)
      Creates a new request.
      renderSupport - the render support for generating the response
      conletId - the web console component to be updated
      renderModes - the render options
  • Method Details

    • conletType

      public String conletType()
      Return the web console component type.
      the web console component type
    • conletId

      public String conletId()
      Returns the web console component id.
      the web console component id
    • hasBeenRendered

      public boolean hasBeenRendered()
      Checks if the web console component has been rendered (i.e.

      the event has been handled).

      true, if successful