Class SetLocale

All Implemented Interfaces:
Future<Void>, Associator, Eligible

public class SetLocale extends Event<Void>
Signals that the locale for the web console has changed.

Should be handled by web console components that support localization by updating the representation.

Event Sequence

  • Constructor Details

    • SetLocale

      public SetLocale(RenderSupport renderSupport, Locale locale, boolean reload)
      Creates a new event.
      renderSupport - the render support
      locale - the locale to set
      reload - the reload
  • Method Details

    • renderSupport

      Returns the render support.
      the render support
    • locale

      public Locale locale()
      Returns the locale to set.
      the locale
    • reload

      public boolean reload()
      Returns true if the web console needs to be reloaded after changing the locale.
      true, if reload is required
    • forceReload

      public void forceReload()
      Sets the reload flag.

      Used by web console components that cannot dynamically update their content to the new locale.

      For optimized behavior, web console components should check reload() before generating events that update the content dynamically. Web console component that invoke this method should define a handler with a higher priority.