Class Attached

All Implemented Interfaces:
Future<Void>, Associator, Eligible

public class Attached extends Event<Void>
Signals the addition of a component (or subtree) to the component tree.
  • Constructor Details

    • Attached

      public Attached(ComponentType node, ComponentType parent)
      Creates a new event.

      The event is fired on both the node’s and the parent’s channel. If the channels are equal, the event is sent only once. If either component doesn’t have a channel, the event is sent on the broadcast channel.

      node - the component being attached
      parent - the component that the node is attached to
  • Method Details

    • node

      public ComponentType node()
      Return the node that has been attached.
      the node
    • parent

      Return the parent component.

      When the root node is added to the component tree, the parent is null.

      the parent or null
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Event<Void>