This library provides easy to use vue components for generating unstyled "ARIA augmented Semantic HTML" (AaSH).


I came up with the idea of "ARIA augmented Semantic HTML" at the end of 2019 while developing the JGrapes Web Console, a micro service driven micro frontend (with run-time integration via JavaScript). Contrary to the ususal approaches of micro frontends, it favors a common, exchangeable styling for all components.

This prohibits the usage of the wide spread "invasive" CSS frameworks that spread their presentation classes all over the HTML. The alternative is to use the information provided by the (semantic) HTML for selecting the styles to be applied. The problem is that even semantic HTML 5 doesn’t provide enough context to reliably style GUI widgets. If however, you add WAI-ARIA attributes to the markup (as you should anyway), it turns out that almost all styling can be based on the HTML without adding presentation classes. (A rough outline of the idea can also be found on "css-tricks.com".)

As it turns out, writing ARIA compliant HTML isn't as easy as you might think. W3C maintains a document about best practices that also includes some examples. Looking at the examples, it is obvious that ARIA compliant UI elements must be generated from templates. This is where this library comes in.


This project is currently maintained as a subproject of the JGrapes Web Console project. It is continued as need (for the web console) arises. In case there should be interest in using this independent of the web console development, it will become a top level project of its own.