Class Component

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<ComponentType>, Channel, ComponentType, Eligible, Manager
Direct Known Subclasses:
ComponentCollector, ComponentProvider, ConfigurationStore, ConnectionManager, FileStorage, FileSystemWatcher, FreeMarkerRequestHandler, HttpConnector, HttpServer, InputStreamMonitor, LanguageSelector, NioDispatcher, ProcessManager, PurgeTerminator, SessionManager, SocketConnectionManager, SslCodec, StaticContentDispatcher

public abstract class Component extends ComponentVertex implements ComponentType, Channel
This class can be used as base class for implementing a component.

This class implements the Manager interface. Contrary to classes that only implement ComponentType, derived classes therefore don't need a manager attribute to get access to the component management methods provided by this interface.

This class also implements the Channel interface in such a way that each instance of this class can be used as an independent channel. Note that events that have a component as one of their channels are always handled by the component's handlers, i.e. in addition to the channels explicitly defined for a handler.

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