Class Request.Out

All Implemented Interfaces:
Future<Void>, Associator, Eligible
Direct Known Subclasses:
Request.Out.Connect, Request.Out.Delete, Request.Out.Get, Request.Out.Head, Request.Out.Options, Request.Out.Post, Request.Out.Put, Request.Out.Trace
Enclosing class:

public static class Request.Out extends Request<Void>
The base class for all outgoing HTTP requests.

Outgoing request flow upstream and are served externally.

A result of true indicates that the request has been processed, i.e. a response has been sent or will sent.

  • Constructor Details

    • Out

      public Out(String method, URL url)
      Instantiates a new request.
      method - the method
      url - the url
  • Method Details

    • setConnectedCallback

      Sets a “connected callback”.

      When the Request.Out event is created, the network connection is not yet known. Some header fields’ values, however, need e.g. the port information from the connection. Therefore a callback may be set which is invoked when the connection has been obtained that will be used to send the request.

      connectedCallback - the connected callback
      the out
    • connectedCallback

      Returns the connected callback.
      the connected callback, if set
    • httpRequest

      The HTTP request that will be sent by the event.
      the http request
    • requestUri

      public URI requestUri()
      Returns an absolute URI of the request.
      the URI
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Event<Void>