Interface Subchannel

All Superinterfaces:
Associator, Channel, Eligible
All Known Subinterfaces:
IOSubchannel, MailChannel, SocketIOChannel
All Known Implementing Classes:
ConnectionManager.Connection, IOSubchannel.DefaultIOSubchannel, LinkedIOSubchannel, MailConnectionManager.AbstractMailChannel, MailMonitor.MonitorChannel, MailSender.SenderChannel, ProcessManager.ProcessChannel, SocketConnectionManager.SocketChannelImpl, Subchannel.DefaultSubchannel

public interface Subchannel extends Channel, Associator
Represents a subchannel.

Subchannels delegate the invocations of a Channel’s methods to their respective main channel. Events fired on a subchannel are therefore handled by the framework as if they were fired on the main channel. Firing events on a subchannel instance instead of on the main channel is a means to associate several events with a common context.